New York Bass Update

We have been very busy the past week guiding people from all over the country. Normally in the spring up North, the bass move shallow and it is toss a bait and hang on for the fight. This year we had a slight problem pop up. The water temperature was in the mid seventies on May 30th and it had dropped to 60 degrees on June 6th. These were the conditions on Honeoye Lake. Normally northern bass are not too bothered by a few degrees change in the water temperature, but this was huge. We had been catching lots of the bass from a few inches to five feet of water. The big change in temperature made them go deeper and quite inactive, but as the day warmed they moved shallow and the bite was good. Many years ago a friend told me that purple works well in cold water and we broke Zoom trick worms in half which was just the right color and size to tempt the fish to bite. It was close to a dead stick presentation, using a wacky rig and just a small movement of the bait. Keep checking for NY news and we will be back to FL in October.

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