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Central Florida Bass Fishing

Friday, January 19th, 2018

It is January 19th and we have been back in the Sunshine State for over two months. Central Florida is a wonderful place to spend the winter for a hard core bass fisherman. The water levels are quite high and the bass are active. Mixed baits worked on our first serious fishing trip and we look forward to expanding our knowledge about the current conditions. It appears that some spraying of weeds has taken place and the hurricane seems to have worked its magic. Some weedy areas are quite barren compared to our last visit in April. Usually there are more weeds, but not this year.

The Fall season was quite warm but winter has taken over, as we have had multiple days and nights of below freezing temperatures. Bass fishing has slowed but the specks are starting to really turn up in the shallows. This past week, I fished two bass tournaments and managed to do quite well. Lake Marion was a test for my wife and I as we lost several bass in the pads and grass. This was very unusual for us and we are planning to make some changes in how we fish the heavier cover. We will definitely upgrade to braided line in cover and use mono for the open areas. Several baits have worked; bladed jigs, creature baits, lizards and swim baits. Match the colors with the water clarity.

Weather patterns should be changing and with warmer temperatures, the spawn should be on soon. Now through the end of April is a good opportunity for anglers to catch a trophy bass. Please take measurements and have a fiberglass replica made. Release the bass and bring a smile to someone else in the future.