March Madness

It has been a different winter season this year in Florida with the big fish bite a little on the slow side. There have been several nice bass caught, but the whole season has been unpredictable. Areas that normally hold good fish are barren of weed growth. The next curve has been the water temperature, with it getting very warm then taking a ten degree drop. The shiner bite has come through for guide trips and locating bass with artificial baits will almost guarantee success when you return to those areas and use shiners.

In the next month we will be heading North to the Finger Lakes area of NY for our summer season. The first week in May, we install the docks and hoist while working in 55 degree water. Get the old Ranger uncovered, gassed up, and loaded with gear. Those northern bass will be quite active and by the end of May the bite is in full swing. If you get the opportunity to come north for a week or two it would be an eye opening experience, as the fishing is great.

Be safe, wear your life jacket and maintain a proper lookout.


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