Central Florida Bass Fishing

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

We have spent several days fishing, both, the northern and southern sections of the Winter Haven chain of lakes and Lake Toho. This has been over an extended period of time, so all of the information is not current, but the methods have worked during all of our visits.

The North chain produced fish using creature type baits along the outside edge of weed lines. Baits were rigged Texas style using a light gambler weight and worked slowly along the bottom.

The South chain gave up some nice fish by wacky rigging a Zoom trick worm.

Keep changing baits and fish slow. The water has cooled and the majority of the fish are not aggressive. Last week on Lake Parker, wacky rigged Zoom trick worms produced about a dozen bass, with most being just under legal size. As I tell my clients, the bass are all fun to catch, but some are a little more fun than others. When that big fish hits, it is “FUN”.

Each year when we return to Florida in the fall, one of the most interesting sights is how much Toho has changed from our last fishing trip in April. We have never been disappointed. This presents a challenge and we enjoy being able to try new locations, searching for these cherished green fish. We start by trolling shiners, mark the spot when we get a bite, then return and look the area over and try to determine why the bass chose this spot. Usually we anchor and fish for a while to check for more bass. The next step is to find other similar areas, check for bass, and develop a pattern. Toho has been very good, but recently, with cooling water and spraying of weeds, the fish have started their transition. Challenging. Are you up to the test?


Central Florida Bass Fishing

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Dec. 2013-April 15,2014 Bass Fishing Trips


Melody and I have returned to central Florida for our 10th season. It seems like such a short time ago that we chose this area to become our winter home, plant new roots and make new friends. We will be available from December 15, 2013 through April 15, 2014 to take you on a guided bass fishing trip. Our advice is to leave a message on the recorder or wait until December 10th to book a trip. If you are in need of an excellent guide before Dec. 15th, please call Randy Yager @ 407-744-1350.


We have not listed our cell phone number on the web site, so I will post it in the blog for your convenience. My cell is 863-605-1500. I have been fishing several lakes and locating fish for the Fall/Winter season. The water is cooling and new cold fronts will push the temperatures lower. Bass are both active and negative, depending on the daily weather patterns. Crappie fishing is picking up and should really turn on soon.


I look forward to spending time on the water with some of my previous clients/friends and making new friends.



My 5 Favorite Bass Fishing Baits

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

In case you were wondering, here are 5 of my favorite bass fishing baits. With a little patience, these baits are sure to catch you some big bass in Central Florida. Come on a fishing trip with me and I’ll tell you more.

  1. Zoom Baits
  2. Spinnerbaits
  3. Topwater Baits
  4. Jig & Pig
  5. Shiners by the dozen